Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Don’t Just Use Knees

The elderly have been using knees and other joints to forecast the weather for thousands of years.They have been fairly accurate that way, as well.There is no telling how many times we have been warned that a storm was coming, even days in advance, because our seniors felt that ache in their bones.Fortunately, pains related to arthritis are not the only way to get locationally accurate warnings.The obvious suggestion is to just check the weather broadcast on any television news station.Unfortunately, they cover too much territory to predict what will happen in most specific areas.The easiest way to spare the elderly from having to endure aches and pains just so that everyone can know what to expect from the weather is to install a barometer in the home. In truth, the barometer is one of the main tools used by professional meteorologists as well, so anyone who has their own will be able to take any news station’s forecast and derive the weather for their own location will be.
The first water-level barometer was invented in 1643.Since then, the design has been refined so that it can be as decorative as it is functional.Other methods for determining air pressure include mercury and aneroid barometers.These also can be made to look elegant for use in the home.There is little more intriguing than seeing how the levels in a water barometer change over time.Just seeing that the weight of the surrounding air can push the water several inches into the flask and pull it back out can be as delightful, and informative, as listening to the stories about the good old days of beloved seniors.

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